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Turkish Real Estate Market

Find Your Best Real Estate Investment in Istanbul, Turkey

Half in Europe, half in Asia, the historical city of Istanbul enjoys a pivotal position bridging East and West. The city promises a modern yet peaceful lifestyle to both locals and international investors who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul. If you are one of them, Ala Property is here to help you with your home search and find you an ocean-front villa or an investment property in Istanbul.

As a major stakeholder in Istanbul real estate industry, Ala Property has helped a large number of international buyers find the most luxurious villas, apartments, and commercial properties in Istanbul. We leverage our in-depth market knowledge and our extensive professional network to help you gain access to high-ROI yet affordably priced property in Turkey.

Our Real Estate Expertise


Live the life you have always imagined in a spacious villa located in serene surroundings, secluded from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Offering the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and privacy, Villas in Istanbul are ideal for individuals and couples who want to have a space of their own and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle without worrying about prying eyes.


A more suitable choice for small families and individuals who want to stay close to the center of the city, apartments are a more affordable housing option. From 5-star condominiums to small but cozy apartments, the Istanbul real estate market offers plenty of choice to homebuyers with varying needs and budgets.

Commercial Real Estate

Looking to establish a business in Istanbul? Ala Property can help you find reasonably priced commercial properties in some of the most envious locations in Istanbul, Turkey. Our real estate experts will listen to your needs and investment objectives and assist you through the entire process of finding a property for sale in Istanbul, negotiating with the seller, and closing the deal.


Whether you are looking to invest in land to diversify your investment portfolio or you are an experienced investor with long-term real estate development plans, Ala Property can assist you through the process of finding land in Istanbul and will take care of all the complexities so that you can focus on expanding your business in Turkey.

Need help with your first real estate investment in Istanbul? Or maybe you are looking for an expert who can help you find an apartment for sale in Turkey?

Let Ala Property assist you in your real estate endeavor. To get in touch with us, please call at +90 212 235 6413.

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Ala Apartments

Apartments that we serve for consulting sales to reside and invest, mostly branded projects which in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and around.

Ala Villas

Villas which private, twin or with garden in a complex which has sea or forest views that we serve for consulting sales which in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and around.

Ala Commercial

Properties which produced by branded developers to be used in commercial purposes (store, office, storage, factory, workshop, mall, hospital, school, hotel, etc.) that we serve for consulting sales which in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and around.

Ala Agriculture

Agricultural land development and management, starting from the purchase of the land and prepare it for planting and do grow them to complete the harvest and sale of fruits service, and we're currently planted walnuts in the fertile regions of southwest Turkey, and not more than the distance between Istanbul and farms about 400 kilometers, and that Ttalbo us between 10 dunums to 500 dunums of agricultural land and investment through.

Ala Lands

Properties which separated in 3 parts as zoned, ready for development and farmland that we serve for consulting sales in Turkey’s developing lands andlands that expected to have more value for investment in the future.

Ala Projects

Department which developed by Alaproperty or managing the production projects and sales by our developer customers.

Ala Consultancy

A private department which an expert team works in that consultancy for our customers in projects, project practice, fund management and merger.