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 Why Turkey’s Location Makes It a Real Estate Investor’s Dream

Why Turkey’s Location Makes It a Real Estate Investor’s Dream

As a general rule of thumb countries and cities that are close to all points of the compass have immense potential as real estate havens for international investors. That is why Turkey is considered a prime location for those who wish to purchase properties as investments.

The country is located in Anatolia and the Balkans and is fringed by the Black Sea which opens it to trade and commerce overseas. It also borders the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea that are located between Greece and Syria making it just a stone’s throw away for foreign nationals.

Anatolia is basically a large and round peninsula that acts as a natural bridge between Europe and Asia. The part that is based in Turkey is called Asia Minor and it makes up 97% of the land area of the country. The largest city in the country, Istanbul has immense significance as far as real estate goes especially because it remains a safe haven for investors and immigrants alike.

That is why a number of wealthy Middle Eastern investors prefer to place their trust in the properties in the city as compared to unstable ones in their home countries. This serves as a backup plan that they can rely on in case they need emergency capital at a moment’s notice. Since Istanbul real estate has always been a hot commodity a sustainable source of capital.

The country’s central location, stability and safety compared to its neighbors have led to a boom in the country’s real estate industry with more and more foreign nationals flocking to it as it remains stable. Istanbul and Mediterranean cities in particular are proving popular with GCC investors because of their strategic link to the region.

Developers are quite active in the heart of Istanbul owing to the coastal climate which rarely experiences adverse weather conditions that can halt operations. The country enjoys up to 300 days of summer and sunshine on an annual basis with coastal areas experiencing milder temperatures in comparison. This has made those locations attractive for foreign investors who wish to purchase holiday homes in the country or invest in them.

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