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Turkey Property Investment- Where You Need to Put Your Money

Turkey Property Investment- Where You Need to Put Your Money

Although the real estate market in Turkey is quite similar to those you find elsewhere in the world, there are a number of different factors contributing to the fact that it is the best performing real estate market in the world.

One of biggest reasons Turkey successfully attracts foreign investors to put their money in real estate is because property here is cheap – almost half as much as a similar one would cost in their home countries.

When it comes to investing in Turkish real estate, one should know where they can get the best returns for their investments. Here are the top four cities if you’re thinking of investing in Turkish properties.


Istanbul is huge. The largest city of Turkey offers an extensive collection of neighborhoods with a diverse range of properties. Whether you want a 1 bedroom apartment or are interested in buying a luxury villa – Istanbul has all that and much more. It is, in real terms, the dream city for property investors.

In addition to that, certain areas in Istanbul are undergoing regeneration work that is providing a much needed uplift and upgrade to old properties. There are new property developments taking place on the suburbs of the city that offer low-priced properties with a promise of increased value in the coming years!


Previously a little fishing village, Fethiye has now developed into a full-blown city that provides opportunities of recreation and investment to everyone who lives in or visits the place. This city has a large population of British expats who have permanently settled in here. The property prices are low which happens to be the main attraction for both foreign expats and investors.

Fethiye comes alive in summer when the city is bustling with tourists and the local businesses along with holiday rentals are at their peak.


Bodrum is great for property investment. It offers a wide range of both luxury and budget properties. So, whether you have a limited budget or one spread across a million dollars – you can easily find relevant property to invest in. Set along the coast of the Aegean Sea, Bodrum offers a rich inventory of villas and apartments that are ideally located for the perfect summer getaway.

Bodrum has interesting investment opportunities – buy a vacation home for you and your family or simply buy properties to let them out. The rental incomes in this region are high.


This is Turkey’s second most popular tourist destination. Antalya boasts a unique vintage-meets-contemporary charm with modern structures and transport network on the town side and a village that holds on to its historic roots. The town of Belek is famous for its golfing facilities, while Kemer offers exclusive beachfront hotels.

Since tourism is Antalya’s stronghold, property buyers are mostly interested in the city for buy-to-let real estate that can earn them big bucks. Many locals own and rely on income from second properties to run their households.

All these cities have access to the best entertainment venues, shopping facilities, transport networks, and of course airports. If you wish to know more or are interested in real estate investing in Turkey, Ala Property can help you!