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How Lucrative is Real Estate in Antalya, Turkey for Investors like You

How Lucrative is Real Estate in Antalya, Turkey for Investors like You

After Istanbul, Turkey, it’s Antalya that seems to take the crown for the most popular city in the country. Whether you look at it from the tourists’ point of view or from the vantage point of a Gulf investor, Antalya boasts rich culture, great climate, gorgeous beaches, interesting history, and a thriving infrastructure.

Located on the South Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Antalya is popular for its internationally renowned sea resort and world class marina. The destinations lie on the foothill of the magnificent Taurus Mountains and attract swarms of tourists to the city every year.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Antalya?

While most investors from the Gulf States and other international countries opt for Istanbul as their prime choice for real estate investment, Antalya still remains less saturated on those terms. It’s not that the city doesn’t have much to offer – it’s just that Antalya hasn’t enjoyed the same international limelight as Istanbul in the past.

Things, however, are now changing and they’re changing at a quick pace.

The city is home to a blend of modern day and historic architectures that include a variety of shopping malls, hotels, resorts, government buildings, and residential projects. Given the past few years, real estate in Turkey on the whole has faced a steady boom that shows prospects of further improvement. With the Istanbul real estate market topping the charts, the real estate in Antalya doesn’t lag far behind either.


Similar to Istanbul, Antalya too is an incredibly diverse city. The biggest advantage that most rookie investors tend to overlook when choosing which Turkish real estate to invest in is the fact that Antalya has been blessed with tourism in abundance. This makes the city a highly lucrative investment hub for investors looking to put their money in AirBnB, vacation homes, and/or beachfront properties that always remain in demand owing to the ever-expanding tourism in the city.

In addition to that, the city has recently experienced an influx in the number of young professionals and families that have moved here over the past 3 decades in search of better opportunities. As a result, the demand for family homes and rental properties – usually apartments and condos for young professionals – have witnessed a surge. This provides an excellent opportunity for investors – residential units will never go out of demand.

Another plus point when it comes to investors especially in the gulf is the fact that most middle easterners head to Antalya for vacations and/or to settle down. This makes the city an Arab dense region, which removes any barriers posed by language and cultural differences.

In addition to all that, Antalya is one of the few cities in Turkey where growth has been effectively managed. The city has been carefully planned and plotted with acute environmental consciousness. It is by far one of the most affluent cities in Turkey on the basis of per capita income.

All in all, Antalya in Turkey presents itself as the less explored yet highly lucrative option for real estate investors. With an extensive array of residential and commercial properties to choose from, Antalya remains an attractive market for both property buyers and sellers. Plus, the wealthy consumer markets only add to the projected profitability an investor can expect when investing in real estate in Antalya, Turkey.

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