An investor’s perspective on investing in Turkish real estate

An investor’s Perspective On Investing In Turkish Real Estate

An investor’s Perspective On Investing In Turkish Real Estate

Turkey’s real estate industry is set to remain on course for a great year yet again as more investors continue to pump it with massive amounts of capital. According to the TSI (Turkish Statistical Institute) the number of residential property sales in the country rose by 20% two years ago in the beginning of 2015 and the trend has not changed to this day. Istanbul has the highest share of house sales with more than 17,500 homes sold this year alone.

There has also been a significant rise in real estate investments from the Middle East and especially from investors there who are in search of luxury holiday homes. Most are focusing on purchasing real estate in the northwest side of Turkey such as Istanbul and Bursa along with coastal areas.

Turkey boasts an eclectic mix of Asian, Arabic and European influences which makes it a prime location for real estate. Most foreign investors purchase property and land by the coast since the value of those assets has risen by about 50% in the last year alone. Others have set their eyes on Istanbul which is enjoying a strong and stable economy which is the direct result of a boom in the demand for more commercial and residential properties.

This trend is in-keeping with many emerging markets in the world in the real estate sector and which has taken a very strong hold in terms of an increase in foreign investment. There is also a yearly unit shortfall in the country at the moment which is translating into a strong opportunity for investors who wish to invest in retail in the country.
The main thing that foreign real estate investors look for in Turkey is diversity and also because of its transparent laws and regulations. Those are easy enough to navigate if you have experienced lawyers by your side and a real estate agent who knows the lay of the land. Another motivation that most investors from the Middle East especially cite is the geographic location of the country – it is in the middle of the world so to speak and thus close to all points of the compass making it an ideal destination for investors.

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