Five Reasons to invest in Turkey | Real Estate in Istanbul


Reasons To Invest In Turkey

The procedure to invest in Turkey is straightforward, powerful and simple and compatible with international standards. Our processes ensures that we achieve equally impressive results for all investors, creating a successful investment environment for businessmen from all around the world.

1 – Swift and Simple Procedures:
Investors receive a tax number within 10 minutes. Once in possession of this, they can sell and buy and establish a company in their own name. All of this can be completed with a period of approximately 5 days.

2 - Strong Economy & Continuous Growth:
Turkey’s GDP has multiplied four times to reach $900 Billion by 2014, an increase from $230 Billion in 2001.
Turkey is listed sixth place as one of Europe’s strongest economies and in sixteenth place internationally, moving up from position thirty some ten years ago.
Turkey polarized $123 billion as a foreign investment during the last ten years and occupied 13th place internationally with regard to attracting foreign investment among countries worldwide.
All Turkey’s debts were paid to the International Monetary Foundation in 2013 after they had accrued over 53 years.
More than 33,000 companies contribute towards foreign capital, acting as a guarantee when it comes to converting the hard currency.
Tax percentages were lowered to 20% and achieved an acceptable percentage of profit.
Free trading and an open market without customs taxes has existed between Turkey and EU countries since 1996.
The number of tourists coming to Turkey has increased from 13 million to 32 million within 10 years.
In 2013, average per capita income reached $19,000, an increase of 118.5% from $2,800 in 2001.

3 - Huge services and Governmental investments
During the last 10 years, the Turkish government has succeeded in putting together many transportation projects such as fast lines, bridges and international airports. Some of the most famous among them are the third airport in Istanbul, the third hanging bridge in Bosphorus, the Yalova hanging bridge that is being built currently and the new rail under the ocean that connects the European side of Istanbul.

4 - Well-Developed Real Estate Constructions
Construction and contracting companies in Turkey have attained second place internationally in term of quality and fast achievements due to their use of the latest technical innovations and sophisticated machinery whilst building.

5 - Equal Treatment in the Official and Legal Procedures between Turkey and Foreign Citizens
As a country, Turkey’s rules and regulations do not differentiate between investors and Turkish nationals.