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Where Can You Buy Low-Investment Properties in Istanbul?

Where Can You Buy Low-Investment Properties in Istanbul?

With tourism in Turkey on a rise, the Turkish real estate market has witnessed a significant boom over the past few years. Out of all the cities, Istanbul in particular has topped the list of places that offer the best real estate investment opportunities in the country.

One of the most interesting things about real estate in Istanbul is the fact that despite the constant rise in real estate prices, one can still find excellent low-price investment opportunities in the city. This place is great whether you’re a small or large budget investor, regardless.

In case you’re looking for low-investment, high-return properties in Istanbul, the following regions have fantastic real estate options available for investment:


The Esenyurt district in Istanbul is located on the European side of the city. This residential area enjoys a prime location which puts it close to some of the most prominent landmarks in Istanbul. The district has undergone major reforms with the construction of large residential complexes in the past few years. The district has a number of great universities located in close vicinity and is thus a big attraction for local and overseas students for reasonable accommodation.

This popular residential district offers plenty of greenery, nearness to Istanbul’s top shopping district, and luxury properties available at low or bargain prices. Esenyurt has a large population of newly built residential property in terms of apartments and condos that make excellent investment options for investors interested in high returns on rental properties.


Located a short distance away from Esenyurt is the Beylikdüzü district. Similar to Esenyurt, this district enjoys plenty of green spaces that make it a pleasant neighborhood to live in. Beylikdüzü is a cosmopolitan district of Istanbul which makes it home to a multi-cultural lifestyle.

The region enjoys a series of newly-constructed luxury developments that are up for sale. Most of these new developments, similar to those in Esenyurt are mostly available at bargain prices and are great for investors looking for lucrative rental properties to invest in. Plus, the district offers some of the best shopping malls in the city, which makes it a shopaholic’s paradise – perfect for tourists!


While both Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü are more ‘aesthetically-pleasing’, their neighbour Bahcesehir is an elegant settlement. Beylikdüzü is located on the seafront of Marmara in between the Kucukcekmece and the Buyukcekmece lakes.

The district has been developed with greater focus on urbanisation, with great emphasis on developmental planning in particular. This bustling modern suburb of Istanbul is home to an increasing population of career-oriented professionals looking for a peaceful escape from the draining city life.

The region is dominated by modern constructions in the form of luxury villas and apartment complexes. With the enhanced lifestyle and infrastructure in the region, these properties are great attraction for a variety of population. They also make for significant investments with their low-price, high-return potential.

If you’re new to the world of real estate investment in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey, we can help you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a seafront property to invest your money in – you can count on us for safe and secure commercial acquisitions!