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The Best Areas in Istanbul for AirBnB Property Investments

The Best Areas in Istanbul for AirBnB Property Investments

Good accommodation is one of the major determinants of a person’s lifestyle. Whether it’s the home you’re living in or the place you stay at when you’re travelling, accommodation can make a world of difference to your life experiences.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you might already be familiar with AirBnB. This revolutionary venture has made locating and living in quality and comfortable accommodation, more simple and convenient – no matter where in the world you are.

Since quality accommodation is a contributing factor to great tourism, the initiative has also brought fantastic investment opportunities for real estate investors across the globe – even in Istanbul, Turkey.

This beautiful city is a hub of opportunities. With its vast tourism potential, Istanbul is a great place to find real estate investment opportunities for joining the AirBnB network. As a real estate investor, all you need to do is ensure that you know just the right places to reap the best rentals.

Here are the best areas in Istanbul for AirBnb investments:


This incredible area located in Beyoglu, Istanbul, is a well-established district popular for its trendy lifestyle. The sophisticated art galleries, the petit cafés, and the upbeat culture of the district makes it especially popular among tourists looking for entertainment, exposure, and an insider’s view of the rich Turkish culture.

Cihangir enjoys a Bosporus Sea forefront, which again contributes to why accommodations in this place are much in demand by tourists. The region is densely populated and enjoys a number of apartment complexes – upgraded and luxurious. The property here might not be the most affordable in Istanbul, but if you’re an investor looking for higher returns – it might just work for you in great ways.

Additionally, the area is located a short walk away from the Taksim Square – it has the best of Istanbul to offer, and hence, tourists here are willing to pay a little extra for great accommodation and locality!


What was previously a not-so-developed district has now transformed into one that offers great investment potential for real estate investors. With the opening up of fine restaurants, chic cafés, and clubs in the region – it is safe to say that Galata, today, has sprung to life.

One can find great local food at every corner of the district, since the place now is well connected with the rest of Istanbul city. The recently developed Galata region offers a taste of both old and new Istanbul, with its nearness to the Galata Bridge where traditional fishermen joyfully mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Although majority of the buildings in the neighborhood are refurbished or still require refurbishment, there are several new property developments that one can consider when looking for potential property for AirBnB investments. These properties, according to the trajectory, offer great returns that are expected to rise further in the near future.

Istanbul presents an open playing field for real estate investors, both local and foreign. The properties here hold immense potential to bring in stable rental incomes for anyone who might be interested in earning one.
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